Small Steps on a Large Scale – Climate Protection in Concrete Terms

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The consequences of climate change can be devastating, not only for the environment but for humans as well. Loss of biodiversity, extreme weather conditions and climate induced migration are just a few of the consequences of climate change and will increase as the earth becomes warmer. In Germany, each person is responsible for emitting on average 11 tons of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere every year.

The project Small Steps on a Large Scale –Climate Protection in Concrete Terms aims to make use of this reduction potential that everyone of us has by developing  neighbourhood initiatives that promote concrete climate-friendly actions. finep will work with a variety of local actors and organizations in the eastern side of the city centre in Esslingen to develop and implement a variety of Casual Learning Tools  that inform citizens about specific aspects of climate change. Concrete tips will be provided, thus empowering citizens to act against climate change in their personal lives.

Petra Schmettow
, Julia Fülle, Stefanie Drautz

Project duration
2019 - 2021

The project Small Steps on a Large Scale –Climate Protection in Concrete Terms was funded within the framework of the Nationale Klimaschutzinitiative (National Climate Protection Initiative) by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.

Förderkennzeichen: 03KKW0273