Casual Learning: Innovative Development Education

mending kit for hotel guests

The goal of Development Education is to make as many people as possible, aware of global challenges and to encourage globally responsible behaviour. But how can we use these topics to reach new target groups within our society?
The educational approach of Casual Learning was developed by finep and targets people who usually don’t attend Developing Education events or join-in activities, or read flyers and brochures on global issues.
Casual Learning addresses people right where they are on a regular basis. Why not place Development Education offers in a laundromat? Or what about picnic areas, hotels, municipal parks or gyms, in restaurants or at village fairs? The possibilities are endless.
New locations often call for new forms of addressing people. Why not design a table napkin with information on global issues? Or ever thought about water bottles in fitness studios, envelops for train tickets, umbrellas for rainy autumn days, coasters in bars, and stickers for Christmas presents? The Casual learning materials all have one thing in common: The message must be short and easily understandable. This is even more important, as there is often limited space to place information.

Kai Diederich

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