Project Development

Are planning to submit a funding application to the European Union - or any other donor for that matter?

Partizipative Projektplanung
Participatory workshops

We are supporting you in the early stages of planning your project by brainstorming ideas and setting up an intervention logic designed to meet the donors’ expectations. While doing so we always keep an eye on meeting every rule and regulation set forth in the donors’ guidelines.

Donors like the European Union have sophisticated application forms and exact expectations on how to complete these forms. Thanks to our broad and long-lasting experience in writing and submitting funding applications we know exactly how to meet the criteria set by the European Union and by many other donors. Thus, we can even offer to draft the complete project proposal for you (including budget).

By request, we are also conceptualizing and conducting participatory planning workshops and meetings with all stakeholders involved. These workshops can take place worldwide in at least four languages including English, Spanish, French, and German.