Conception and support of change and strategy processes in organisations

In organisations, there is a need, from time to time, to analyse established strategies or evolved institutional structures and to initiate change processes. There may be many reasons for this step. For example a changed fundraising environment or increased project quality requirements.

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It is often a matter of managing projects more effectively and professionally and/or introducing improved quality control as well as monitoring and evaluation in the project work.

At the management level it may be a case of introducing new topics or working methods and of designing the necessary structural changes in the working environment. 

We advise and accompany your team and you on this sometimes difficult journey of strategy development and, if necessary, change. We develop the objectives of these strategy and change processes in close consultation with you.

This process may take a couple of weeks or may last several months. The progress depends on the dynamics of the started processes.

Our facilitators are also trained mediators, who can deal professionally and productively with possible clash of interests or conflicts.