One World Promoter for the Higher Education Sector

Titelbild global nachhaltige Kooperationen

The One World Promoter's Programme was initiated in 2013 by three civil society umbrella organisations. Since then, more than 130 promoters have been active in promoting One World issues throughout Germany. finep has taken on the responsibility of being a One World Promoter for universities in Baden-Württemberg, the first in Germany within the higher education sector.

The One World Promoter for the Higher Education Sector is currently engaged with the project: Just do Climate! Climate justice in Higher Education in Baden-Württemberg (Mach mal Klima!)

Furthermore, the One World Promoter:

  • advises university members and civil society organisations on issues of cooperation;
  • provides university members with advice on topics and structures of global sustainability;
  • networks and supports stakeholders;
  • organises events, e.g. capacity building, conferences, workshops, lectures;
  • publishes in various formats on the topics of global sustainability.

Contact: Sabrina Hoffmann 

2013 – 2024

Cooperation partners:
DEAB, agl, Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and State Ministry Baden-Württemberg