FarmWorlds – Global Learning on agricultural landscapes


Learning farms are established places of environmental education with numerous visitors. Interested people can experience agricultural connections very close and learn a lot about the production of our food. Global aspects of food production like for example food speculation or working conditions of small farmers in the global south however are scarcely of any importance on German farms.

Together with learning farm owners, farm shops, open-air exhibition or fields where you can harvest on your own, finep develops innovative global educational trails for their visitors.

The global educational trails are an addition to the already existing offers and replenish them with information about global connections. In this way the local point of view on regional food and production processes can be expanded by global perspectives. Through educational trails the visitors are able to create an own understanding for the correlation between the local and the global in varied ways and they get ideas how to live a sustainable food consumption.

Kai Diederich, Hanna Georges

2018 – 2020

This project is funded by ENGAGEMENT GLOBAL by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)