What we want to achieve

It’s pretty simple: a sustainable world that will be worth living in for future generations and allows everyone to lead a good life!

We aim at acting as ecologically and fair as possible. We use local, cooperatively generated eco-electricity and drink fair-trade coffee and organic (and fair) milk. We avoid bottled water in plastic or glass bottles and drink tap water. For official/business trips we use public transportation, the bike or car sharing, whenever possible. Our office supplies are eco-friendly and we print on recycled paper on both sides.
Our actions are equally rooted in development education, in education for a sustainable development, in global learning, in informal education, in environment and nature protection, in coaching, in the systemic consultation and organisational development as well as in project-cycle management. With our expertise in those fields, we want to encourage and support you to promote sustainability as well, for example with an educational project in your municipality or with the management of your international enterprise.