Students get active for Climate

Students at Aalen University gain insights in development education and sustainability by conducting practical project work.

Studierende engagieren sich für #ClimateOfChange und #MachMalKlima

finep offered a workshop addressing the topics of climate justice, climate-induced migration and Casual Learning that was held in the context of two university courses. During the winter semester 2020/21, three student groups develop different learning formats: One groupworks on a concept for the implementation of a debate contest discussing topics like climate change, migration, and climate justice. In order to motivate as many students as possible to participate in the contest, the group produced an appealing video.

The two other groups are designing Casual Learning Tools, that will take up climate justice issues and address university members. One group is contrives a modified poker deck, that gives the opportunity during social gatherings to talk about one’s own scope of action as regards climate-friendly behaviour. The second group uses a digital format to place the topic of climate justice at public screens around the campus.

You can find more information about the project #ClimateOfChange here.