Engagement 2030: finep conducts its first module with students from the Hochschule Esslingen

During the two-day module, students developed new forms of commitment which will be implemented over the next few months in cooperation with development associations from the Stuttgart area.

Engagement 2030 erstes Modul

Students of the bachelor degree course "Social Work" of the Hochschule Esslingen cooperated in the study project Doing Global Justice: International dimensions of social work under the direction of Prof. Dr. Beatrix Waldenhof with the project Engagement 2030 coordinated by finep. The project Engagement 2030 aims to bring together youth engagement ideas with the expertise of development associations. A first module with the focus on "innovative forms of engagement" was designed and implemented to launch the project. During the two-day course, students in small groups devised new forms of commitment relevant to development policy and got to know the agendas of local associations. In the next step, finep will support the cooperation of the associations and the students. At the same time, further content-related work will be carried out in subsequent modules during the winter semester 2019/2020.

The same course concept will be carried out by finep at two other universities in Baden-Württemberg until 2021 and scientifically accompanied by Prof. Dr. Beatrix Waldenhof. Further information on the Engagement 2030 project can be found here.