finep supports proposals to strengthen education and awareness raising in Europe

Again in 2018, finep has assisted developmental organisations from all over Europa to develop funding proposal to the European Commission in the area of development education. The EU is publishing a call in this specific thematic area every two years: the so called Development education and awareness raising (DEAR) programme. finep has handed in a total of nine proposals either a lead or co-applicant, and supported an additional eight developmental organisations in the development of funding proposals.

finep has so far successfully participated in all DEAR calls – as an applicant with our own development education concepts as well as a consultant for other non-governmental organisations from all over Europe. Through the DEAR programme, the EU aims to educate its citizens on global challenges in international development, and generate a greater public support for measures against e.g. poverty, climate change or unfair living conditions. The EU strives to monivate people to critically reflect global development processes and to support innovative actions for change.

In 2018, the focus of the DEAR call was on the topics of climate change and migration. Civic organisations implementing projects in one or both of these areas were called upon to hand in project proposals. Of special interest to the EU were projects that would focus on the causes and consequences of flight as well as the consequences of climate change and which social and individual behaviour change is necessary to respond to them. For this cause, the EU provided a total of 77 million Euros.