Emily Wapler

Emily Wapler

Phone: 0711 / 93 27 68 - 69
E-Mail: emily.wapler @ finep.org


Bachelor’s Degree in Geography at the University of Tübingen

Bachelor’s Degree in International Economics at the University of Tübingen,Thesis on "Environmental policy instruments to reduce plastic waste"

Certificate for sustainable development "Studium Oecologicum" at the University of Tübingen

Professional Experience

  • Working at finep since February 2022
  • Internship at the KfW Development Bank in the field of climate & resource protection in North Africa
  • Internship at Das Grüne Emissionshaus GmbH in the divisions of project development and commercial operations management in the field of renewable energies
  • Voluntary service in Bolivia

Position at finep

  • Working student